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Re: cvs connection refused (was: Re: setup.exe)

> Goren Il schrieb am 2001-08-28 16:45:

>Here is the session:
>$ cvs -d login
>(Logging in to
>CVS password:
>cvs [login aborted]: connect to failed: Connection
>(I entered anoncvs as the password)
>Should I install / define something else?

I think, there are runtime dependencies for cvs besides cygwin. 
That are zlib and of course ash & bash if you want to run it from the 

But since it fails too with wincvs, i don't know any more to say.

>> > Goren Il schrieb am 2001-08-28 15:34:
>> >I tried accessing the CVS site, both using WinCvs (1.2) and by activating
>> >"cvs"  from "bash" (both from the cygwin package). In both cases I got
>> >"connection refused" after entering the password (anoncvs). I used the
>> >information in the site that you mention. (server and password).
>> >
>> >1. What am I doing wrong?
>> Wrong cvs call?
>> Is your CVSROOT in cygwin set to another root?
>> Try: $ echo $CVSROOT
>> Anyway, override it with -d:
>> $ cvs -d login
>> (Logging in to
>> CVS password: anoncvs
>> Thats it.
>> >2. Within the CVS tree - where is the "setup" program located?
>> $ cvs checkout winsup
>> >Thanks you



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