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Calling cygwin from MSVS6.0 Fortran program

I am writing a dialog box based fortran program where I have several buttons and edit boxes for options to edit files, deleting files, plotting data using Matllab etc. Now I like to add another button for option to generate an input file. The file to make an input file is Unix script file which I ran successfully in CYGWIN environment using the tshell. I know to call Matlab I had to call their 'engOpen' routine. Is there anything similar in CYGWIN? A short routine is added below-
  retlog = DlgGet(dlg,IDC_COMBO1,edtdat)                    
     IF(edtdat .eq. 'Y') THEN
       call fopen
    retlog = DlgGet( dlg, IDC_CHECK1, check )
 if(check) then
 call fileopen
 end if
      call  mainsub   !start hfeam calculations         !JD commented
   !call thfm
      !WRITE (text,*,iostat=retint) amtIF ( retint .eq. 0 ) THEN
!     IF ( retint .eq. 0 ) THEN
        retlog = DlgGet(dlg,IDC_COMBO2,pltdat)
     IF(pltdat .eq. 'Y') THEN
  ep = engOpen('matlab ')
        if (ep .eq. 0) then
         write(6,*) 'Can''t start MATLAB engine'
   call engEvalString(ep, 'cd c:\dhfeam\hfeam')
         call engEvalString(ep, 'plothfeam');
I want to add something on top so that depending on the choice it will invoke the cygwin ( go to the directory-cygwin\home\pauldk) and execute the script file 'select' and generate the input file 'input.dat' and move it to (cd c:\dhfeam\hfeam or mv) and then the file can be edited using - IF(edtdat .eq. 'Y') THEN call fopen.

Dilip K. Paul

Naval Undersea Warfare Center

Code 8121, Bldg. 679/2

Newport, RI 02841

Tel: (401) 832-1412

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