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Re: Whither a2ps.exe?


On Sun, Aug 26, 2001 at 03:38:20PM -0400, Frank D. Greco wrote:
> At 01:12 PM 8/26/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>  >Frank,
>  >
>  >On Sat, Aug 25, 2001 at 02:36:27PM -0400, Frank D. Greco wrote:
>  >> Is there a reasonably safe play to snarf 'a2ps.exe' from?
>  >>
>  >> Any help is appreciated.
>  >
>  >Why don't you build it yourself.  IIRC, is builds OOTB.  Just do the
>  >configure, make, make install thing.
> 	I've never built any of the cygwin executables and I haven't
> 	done C pgming or makefile tracing in over 10 year.
> 	I just need to print some Java src files.

If you have installed all of the Cygwin packages (as recommended), then
the procedure is really as simply as:

    $ wget -nd
    $ tar -xzf a2ps-4.13.tar.gz
    $ cd a2ps-4.13
    $ configure
    $ make 
    $ make install

At the time of this writing, appears to be offline.  However,
you can find a2ps 4.12 on the GNU mirrors:

When the moratorium for new packages is over, then I intend to
contribute a pre-built a2ps to the standard Cygwin distribution.


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