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RE: Problems with path resolution

> Asking a mailing list to provide you with support for a commercial
> product seems a little odd to me.

> cgf

Let me be clear.  The particular error, which I previously described as
"Fails with missing headers" is a message that says the file is not found
(my apologies, I don't have the verbatim text in front of me, nor a way to
run it again right now as I am home for the day).  The files that it says
are missing, are in fact, right where they belong.  The problem is that the
compiler can only find them if relative paths (./ ../, etc.) are provided in
the build command, not if the entire path is specified. This is an extremely
large compile, and it is not feasible, nor should it be necessary, for us to
try to change every instance of each call in all of the makefiles to use
relative paths.  As stated in my original post, the pathname specified in
the -I parameter to the compiler is correct, down to the last letter in both
spelling and capitalization.  The path does access my c: drive via the a /c
mount point, listed in the mount table in the original post, and the
suspicion was that somehow that mount point isn't functioning correctly,
either because of a misconfiguration on my part or because of a bug in

Since providing access to files in the file system is the job of OS, which
for this executable is cygwin, I thought it perfectly appropriate to post to
the _cygwin_ mailing list. I don't know for certain that this is a problem
with cygwin, but I certainly don't know that it's _not_ a probem with
cygwin, either. I simply wanted to go fishing for anyone who may have
experienced anything like this, with any type of application running under
cygwin.  If there is a more appropriate place to post, please let me know.
Wind River technical support is certainly a valid suggestion that I will use
if I need to.

Dan Churchill

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