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Re: [ A serious bug of "ld --enable-auto-import"]

DJ Delorie wrote:

>>Here's what hello.o looks like when hello.c uses
>>__declspec(dllimport) (and hwstr.c uses __declspec(dllexport)).
>>Recall that this configuration works as expected.
> Right, because we're effectively telling gcc that hwstr1 is a pointer,
> not an array.  That changes how gcc generates code.  Pointers must be
> indexed at runtime, arrays may be indexed at compile time.

Well, that's interesting.  Since arrays ARE pointers(*), then perhaps 
it's enough to change gcc's behavior from

"arrays may be indexed at compile time" -- and currently, ARE indexed at 
compile time


arrays indexed at runtime. (for pe-i386 targets)

That leaves two questions:
a) will it fix the observed problem
b) will gcc accept it

(Is there a gcc option to force runtime indexing of arrays?)


(*) okay, I'm C-biased.  I'm not sure how a change of the type proposed 
here would affect C++, Fortran, Ada, Java, .... but turning OFF this 
optimization shouldn't break anything, should it?

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