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Re: Re-loading DLL's (and the like)

David A. Cobb wrote:

> Not long ago there was a lot of discussion here about not being able to 
> do various things during setup (and maybe at other times) because in 
> Windoze one cannot rename of otherwise mess about with an open file - 
> it's otherwise in *Nix, I gather.
> During my recent adventures building Xemacs-21.5/i686-pc-cygwin, I found 
> that the make install had done something that appears to be permitted 
> and which I've seen as an example on the gcc list which is very 
> *Nix-centric.
> If Setup creates Cygwin1-1-3-3.dll and then does the equivalent of "ln 
> -fs /usr/bin/Cygwin1-1-3-3.dll /usr/bin/Cygwin1.dll" the link should be 
> removable/replaceable at run time because the link-file itself isn't 
> left open.
> Of course /running/ anything using the new dll without closing all 
> instances of the old is pretty problematic.

Unfortunately, the MSWindows run-time loader can't use cygwin symbolic 
links to resolve dependencies.

Another beautiful theory slain by an ugly fact.  :-)


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