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Re-loading DLL's (and the like)

Not long ago there was a lot of discussion here about not being able to do 
various things during setup (and maybe at other times) because in Windoze 
one cannot rename of otherwise mess about with an open file - it's 
otherwise in *Nix, I gather.

During my recent adventures building Xemacs-21.5/i686-pc-cygwin, I found 
that the make install had done something that appears to be permitted and 
which I've seen as an example on the gcc list which is very *Nix-centric.

If Setup creates Cygwin1-1-3-3.dll and then does the equivalent of "ln -fs 
/usr/bin/Cygwin1-1-3-3.dll /usr/bin/Cygwin1.dll" the link should be 
removable/replaceable at run time because the link-file itself isn't left 

Of course /running/ anything using the new dll without closing all 
instances of the old is pretty problematic.

Just a wild thought.

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