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RE: setup question

> Is there a reason (other than "nobody coded it yet") why setup
> everything /except/ the answer to "direct connection/IE5
> ---"?  

It is not easy currently. Setup "remembers" settings in cygwin
namespace. But when selecting network type cygwin directory is not yet
known. Besides, you cannot find it out at this stage because you do not
know if it is system or user mount. Moving cygwin directory before
network connection selection creates silly case - you do not need cygwin
directory when just downloading packages.

So, it is more than "just code it" - you need the whole new framework
for saving/restring setup settings. The obvious point is registry, but
even in this case system/user problem exists.

My ISP uses a proxy auto-configuration script to load-level
> requests
> and I prefer to use that.  Of course, this assumes that using "IE5
> Settings" will check the script, which is not proven.

It is. It definitely works using autoproxy script.


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