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Re: Any way to "preconfigure" setting for "local package directory" i n local distribution?

My solution, used on naked boxes is as follows:

I have cygwin, and anything else whose setup program I can avoid, tarred up.
The tars were created by simply doing:
  for name in c d e ; do
  	cd /cygdrive/$name ;
	TOPDIRS=`cat /archive/cyginst/data/${name}topdirs`
	tar -czf /archive/cyginst/data/${name}drive.tgz;

In the directory /archive/cyginst/scripts, I have, cygwin1.dll, tar.exe,
gzip.exe ( yes, gzip, not gunzip, that's what tar calls ).  I also have a
program called shortcut.exe, which creates some normal windoze shortcuts for
me, with icons, (easily, since I've hacked my version of cygwin to translate
things like ALLUSERPROFILEDIR [sic] to cygwin style paths.)  I then use regtool
to install any environemnt variables I want, and to hack the win2k settings for
folders and such to my liking, and last but no least, I run a little c program
I wrote which broadcasts a WM_SETTINGCHANGE to all top level windows, with an
LPARAM of 'Environment'.  This forces the shell to reload the new path and

One more dirty sleezy hack.  I moved /bin/bash.exe into a new directory called
'/bin/hide'.  I then used ln -s to create a link to it, unset the readonly
attribute, used the windoze shortcut editor to add --login after the path name,
reset the readonly attribute, and it's a magic bash ... if started from
windoze, it runs /etc/profile, et el, like a login shell.  If started from
bash, it's a subshell, and it doesn't.

All in all, it's a pretty satisfying project.  I will be releasing the code for
it, if there is interest,  once I finish the shortcut.exe program.  Right now,
it's hardcoded to create the specific shortcuts I use, but with some very
slight hacking, it should be generalizable.  I'd also like to be able to have
it create 'hybrid' cygwin/dos shortcuts, with icons and such, but with cygwin
path info as well.  I'm using IShortcut to make them though, so I'm guessing
I'll have to reopen the file and superimpose the custom cygwin header on top of
the already created shortcuts.  Haven't tried it yet, but it might just work.

I'm also working on mingw/LGPL versions of the path conversion routines, so
that we can use cygwin paths without linking to cygwin.

On Wed, Aug 22, 2001 at 04:31:26PM -0700, Karr, David wrote:
> If I store a "snapshot" of the Cygwin distribution locally, by downloading
> to a local directory, so I can later install from that local directory, is
> there any way to "preset" the value that gets put into the "local package
> directory" when running setup?
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