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Re: 1.3.2: isspace/ctype problem cause to prevent from accessing non-ascii(8-bit) file or directorys

On Thu, Aug 23, 2001 at 11:04:49PM +0900, ?????? wrote:
>Recently, I've installed cygwin 1.3.2 on windows ME.
>I'm trying to port some application for korean locale, and discovered
>in accessing directories or files in korean characters.
>At first, the problem is found in 'chdir()'.
>After I call chdir("XX"), actually it was called in bash(see cd.def file in
>source tree)
>"XX" will be changed to "X", where "XX" is korean directory name.
>This problem is caused from the fix which was done by Christopher Faylor.
>Next is revision history about that fix(in version 1.3.1)
>   - Fix behavior of chdir when called with a path containing trailing
>     (Christopher Faylor)
>Actually, this fix is not a real problem.  The problem is korean
>character is recognized in negative integer, so, ((_ctype_+1)[c] & _S)
>access invalid entry.

What are you talking about?  What makes you think that ChangeLog entry has
anything to do with Korean character sets?  The patch solved a problem.
Finding random entries with the word "chdir" in them isn't a way to debug
your problem.


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