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ssh-client doesn't work with X-forwarding (at least with me)


I have the same problem with the cygwin-ssh-client like Hans.
ForwardX11 is enabled in the ssh and sshd_config.
The DISPLAY-variable is after the login empty.
If i set the DISPLAY-variable manually, X11-forwarding doesn't work.

The login and X11-forwarding works with other ssh-clients.

But for all that cygwin is a great software.

Thanks for any answers !!!!!

Best regards,

>It works for me, I have the following lines in my /etc configuration =
>ssh_config:        ForwardX11 yes
>sshd_config:X11Forwarding yes
>ssh a remote site and the remote site gets a local setting for DISPLAY.

>i tried to log into my linux-box with the cygwin ssh-client and Exceed =
>(with: ForwardX11 yes in ssh_config).
>i could log in with ssh but X11-forwarding didn't work.
>with another ssh-client (SecureCRT) X11-forwarding works fine.
>same problem exists if i call: ssh -f host xterm
>if i do a "env " i can see that the DISPLAY is not set but even if i =
set the
>DISPLAY to ServerIP:10.0 (like SecureCRT) it still doesn't work.
>any ideas?

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