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Re: File system types

On Wed, Aug 22, 2001 at 08:49:20PM -0700, George Myrddin wrote:
>When you download cygwin, you have a choice of files system types.  Dos or 
>Unix.  How does this work?  I did the download in stages, and might have 
>switched back and forth.  Dumb.  I finished it out with the unix choice, but 
>could the few packages that I did with the dos choice be missing?  Some 
>important commands are missing, (like ls, and where...) could this be it?
>If so how would I fix it?

The mount command controls this.  DOS == 'text mode mounts', UNIX ==
'binary mode mounts'.

Sometimes I think we did the cygwin world a disservice by offering these
as check boxes because it made everyone assume that the only way to set
things was via setup.exe.

And, before anyone asks "Where do I find out more about the mount
command?", I suggest that you close your eyes, breathe deeply, let your
healing powers of intuition come to the fore, and delight to the
realization that you already have the answer to the question on where to
find more information locked deep within your soul.  Or, maybe it is even
skimming along the surface of your thoughts along with the understanding
of where you last put your car keys.


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