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Re: Cygwin's CVS - can it be a network server?

On Tue, Aug 21, 2001 at 06:50:01PM -0500, ASH, JAMES (SBCSI) wrote:
> I believe I have answered my own question. The answer is, yes, it can run as
> a remote server.
> I am running the cvs 1.11 from the cygwin distribution on an NT box and am
> able to access it from the AIX box I am using, as well as from other NT
> boxes with cygwin installed. I write this in case someone else can benefit
> from this.
> I still have an issue. I am able to do this if:
> 1) I run the inetd on the server as 'Administrator'
> 2) I login from the remote cvs client to the cvs pserver as 'Administrator'.
> This account is setup on the NT server as an NT user with no password via
> NT's User Manager.
> The inetd is currently not running with ntsec.
> If I try to connect as anything but 'Administrator', I get the message
> setuid failed:not owner. (I created a new NT account and attempted to
> connect using that account, having setup the appropriate pserver passwd,
> etc...)
> In all cases, if the inetd is running under the same account as the cvs
> account I have created, all works fine.
> My question is this: What is "setuid failed: Not owner" trying to tell me?
> Which process is trying to accomplish a setuid? Is it the inetd or the cvs
> pserver?

It's cvs. Inetd never changes user context. setuid failed since
you have to use ntsec and you have to care for your /etc/passwd
and /etc/group files to switch user context.


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