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signals and VC++


I'm compiling programs using VC++ 6.0 w/ SP5. It would
be nice to compile everything in cygwin, but that's
not always possible. But it does make a great shell
replacement. Anyway, I'm using signals to catch the
control-c so I can end the program nicely. The handler
sets a flag, causing the while loop to bail, at which
point the program cleans up after itself...all pretty
typical stuff. This works fine when compiled via VC++
and run via DOS cmd.exe.

However, when running this VC++ compiled program in
cygwin bash shell, the signal is caught and the
handler runs, but the main program quits before the
post-while-loop clean up code can run. I've put a
bunch of cout statements after the while loop and it
typically will stop somewhere in the middle of one of

It appears that the signal handler is running in a
separate thread, as I can put a delay in the handler
and then I get no post-while-loop output. It looks
like control-c is sending a kill like statement to the
main program such that it does not finish correctly.
If I compile the same program using cygwin gcc the
signals are handled fine.

So, it would appear that code compiled using VC++ and
run in cygwin shell will not handle the signals as
expected. Is this the expected behavior? Is there a
work-around for this? Am I missing something obvious?
I modifed an signal code example I found in one of the
cygwin lists to illustrate and could post to the list
is that would help explain whats going on...

VR, Charlie

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