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RE: Cygwin's CVS - can it be a network server?

I believe I have answered my own question. The answer is, yes, it can run as
a remote server.

I am running the cvs 1.11 from the cygwin distribution on an NT box and am
able to access it from the AIX box I am using, as well as from other NT
boxes with cygwin installed. I write this in case someone else can benefit
from this.

I still have an issue. I am able to do this if:
1) I run the inetd on the server as 'Administrator'
2) I login from the remote cvs client to the cvs pserver as 'Administrator'.

This account is setup on the NT server as an NT user with no password via
NT's User Manager.

The inetd is currently not running with ntsec.

If I try to connect as anything but 'Administrator', I get the message
setuid failed:not owner. (I created a new NT account and attempted to
connect using that account, having setup the appropriate pserver passwd,

In all cases, if the inetd is running under the same account as the cvs
account I have created, all works fine.

My question is this: What is "setuid failed: Not owner" trying to tell me?
Which process is trying to accomplish a setuid? Is it the inetd or the cvs

Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.

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From: Charles Wilson []
Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2001 11:24 AM
To: T.Phan
Subject: Re: Cygwin's CVS - can it be a network server?

T.Phan wrote:

> Hi,
>   Where is the pserver or what is the setup procedure using pserver and
>   Thanks!

AFAIK, you are breaking new ground: very few people have tried this (no 
one?) on cygwin.  You'll have to figure out how to do it on your own.  I 
suggest looking at non-cygwin sources of documentation, like the stuff 
at this website:

You'll probably need to get inetd started first; read 


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