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Re: Transient fetchmail corruption problem under Windows 2000

On Wed, Aug 08, 2001 at 11:42:41PM +0100, Gerrit P. Haase wrote:
> Am 7 Aug 2001, um 16:10 hat Jason Tishler geschrieben:
> Jason,
> > [This message was received corrupted...  I have attached it for
> > perusal by the curious.]
> Some more comments:
> I just send a binary to myself via mutt from the commandline here at 
> my win98 box:
> $ mutt -a 037.jpg -s test < test.msg 
> As mailer for mutt i used ssmtp to my default mailhub.
> Guess what, first try a hit, the jpeg is corrupted.
> I looks like yopur attached email, it is ok at the beginning and the 
> rest is garbage...not completely destroyed, but it's no longer a nice 
> picture.
> So it seems to be a problem with mutt or ssmtp (for me now), even on 
> my win98 box, will try tomorrw with win2k box, too.

I've just replaced the cygwin ssmtp with that from unixmail
( and I can now send
binary attachments without problems. It seems that the cygwin ssmtp is
doing wrong.

Gruss Olaf

Olaf Föllinger
S.E.S.A. AG GS Berlin
fon:  +49-30-390722291

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