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RE: difficulties with 1.4.5/cygwin

Jan Nieuwenhuizen writes:
>"William R. Brohinsky" <> writes:
>> Urqh!
>> Tonight, in frustration, I upgraded python from the 
>supported 1.5.2-2 in
>> the distribution to 2.2 from the full cygwin distrib.
>> And now, ly2dvi works.
>I've looked into that python supported by cygwin, but I'm not planning
>to include it, as it seems to be a rather quaint mixture of
>cygwin/unix and windows.  At the core, it uses windows paths and
>I think we should wait until cygwin fixes python to use unix style
>paths.  Until then, I've added your suggestion to the wiki,

The Python distributed with Cygwin fully understands POSIX paths
'exactly' the same as the Cygwin package itself.

AFAICT the only thing this is not true for is the Tkinker extension,  
which depends on the Cygwin TCL libraries which also have this

If you know of any other 'quaint windowism's' in the Python distribution
please tell us.

< I realize that there might be an inherent issue with a case-preserving 
   case-insensitive file-naming system versus a true case-sensitive one >

2.1 is the first version of Python 'officially' ported to work with Cygwin
However if you need to support 1.52 and the path handling is the
problem contact me off list as I probably still have my 1.52 mods laying
around some where.


Norman Vine

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