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Strage behaviour for Cygwin's grep..

Hello all,

As people with a very good memory might remember, I run DJGPP and Cygwin on
the same system (both updated every Sunday) which is a Windoze 98 bugz. I
noticed a slight difference in behaviour between their two versions of grep:
when I run grep with the following command line from Bash:
  grep -rnHi vpl3 *
(i.e. looking for 'vpl3' in all my files) I get a nice list of files in the
DJGPP version, but the CygWin version refuses to recurse into subdirectories
and says "permission denied" for all of them.
I installed CygWin OOTB, w/ the setup util, etc. This is the first weird
thing I've found. Other than this, I'm happy.
AFAIK, there's not security issues under Windoze 98 (AFAIK, there _is_ not
security in Win98) so I'm wondering what the matter is.
As I don't have the source codes of CygWin's grep, I can't really help in
tracing the bug down - sorry. When I have the time, I'll download the
As this is only slightly annoying, I'll happily go on my way using the DJGPP
implementation in stead, but a fix or a pointer to what I'm overlooking
would be welcome.



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