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RE: setup.exe

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> []On Behalf Of Charles Wilson
> Sent: Friday, August 10, 2001 1:31 AM
> To: Roger Dahl
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> Subject: Re: setup.exe
> Roger Dahl wrote:
> > Why not call the cygwin setup file cygwin.exe instead of
> > setup.exe. It gets confusing with lots of "setup.exe"-s around :)
> We already have three different meanings for "cygwin":
> 1. the DLL "cygwin1.dll" itself
> 2. the setup.exe-installed package called (currently)
>    cygwin-1.3.2-1.tar.gz
> 3. the entire platform/distribution
> You want to add a fourth meaning?  To "prevent"
> confusion??!!!  I don't think so.

Since half of the installation programs in the world seem to call themselves
"setup.exe", I _would_ favor calling Cygwin's setup "cygsetup.exe", just to
make it clear what it was the setup program for.  I routinely do that rename
on the incoming file when I grab an updated version of setup to avoid
confusion.  (I DL everything to a standard download directory, and it isn't
unusual for me to download more than one file called "setup.exe" in a web
surfing session.)

I _wouldn't_ favor calling it "cygwin.exe" for the reasons you mention.

> --Chuck

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