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Re: PROBLEM SOLVED: NT/2000 failure

Charles Wilson wrote:
> Ron House wrote:
> > Following this, I installed the ncurses package and everything worked. I
> > have a feeling that only a tiny part of that big ncurses pack is
> > actually used to make exes function.
> Well, actually the terminfo database is about 1M unpacked, or about 1/3
> of the total (due to the large number of small files, and large number
> of directories, usage is highly file-system dependent).

Yes, but isn't the real truth that all but one of those hundreds of
entries will never be used? That is, the terminal that is required on an
NT box will always be "cygwin", and never a DEC terminal, etc.?

> On the next
> release of ncurses, I plan to split the libs/exe's and the terminfo
> database into two separate packages.  I haven't decided what to do about
> the -src.tar.bz2 package for the terminfo-database part.
> The goal here is to make it easier to update the database without
> forcing everybody to download the whole ncurses package...

Good idea. It's actually quite remarkable how much you all have done
with Cygwin. It's virtually a total Unix look-alike. My hat goes off to
all of you.

Ron House

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