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Re: Slowness of Cygwin (and NT/2000 failure)

Robert Collins wrote:
> On 10 Aug 2001 00:49:45 +0000, Ron House wrote:
> >
> > I am running on Windows 98. Unfortunately the program won't execute on
> > my friend's WinNT box nor on another friend's Win2000 box. (It says
> > "Error opening terminal: cygwin.") I managed to get at the W2000 box and
> > do some experiments, and it seems that the program actually does execute
> > up to the point where ncurses tries to take over the screen. As I have
> > linked statically, I don't think this can be due to missing dlls. The
> > ncurses docs seem to be standard, with no special tips for running under
> > Cygwin, so I am at a loss.
> Have you installed cygwin on their machine (via setup.exe?)

No I haven't. This program must be distributed to many
computer-illiterate people who won't want that. That's why I linked
statically, but you are probably right that something is still missing.
Strangely, the prog. executes fine on my 98 box, even from a dos shell
that doesn't have the Cygwin bin in its search path. AFAIK, that means
that the only part of the Cygwin system it can be seeing is cygwin1.dll,
which is in the windows/system directory. I have placed that dll on the
other machines in winnt/system32, which is in their path. So I am

Ron House

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