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Re: Upper/lower case filenames.

Robert Collins wrote:
> On 09 Aug 2001 03:26:39 +0000, Ron House wrote:

> > Files written under Linux or Windows in lower case that fit in 8.3 are
> > all taken as upper case by the Cygwin tools.
> And windows shows them as upper case in file manager/windows explorer?

Ah, that's a good point! I am so used to ignoring the GOOEY and doing
everything on command lines that the difference didn't occur to me. I am
running Linux at present, but I think I will find you are correct - the
names will show in capitals in file manager.

I suppose that boils the thing down to a different proposition. As the
8.3 names have irresponsible case (some files seem to change for no
obvious reason), Linux takes them by default to have lower case, as the
vast majority of filenames that Unix systems search for in common tools
(*.c, .cpp, .o, etc.) are lower case. Cygwin, I presume, is taking them
as having the case Windows interprets them to have. That makes much more
sense - another Microsoft foulup. That makes a difference to my
question. Is there any interest in an option in Cygwin to make the same
assumption that Linux makes?

Ron House

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