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Re: Slowness of Cygwin (and NT/2000 failure)

Jonathon Merz wrote:
> Ron House wrote:
> > I have a large app., which has run successfully under both Linux and
> > DJGPP. The Linux version uses ncurses, whilst the DJGPP version uses
> > direct screen writes. I recompiled under Cygwin (it picked up the Linux
> > branch and compiled flawlessly), but found that the app was extremely
> > slow (2 or 3 times slower) than either of the others when writing to the
> > screen. Any thoughts?

> What version of Windows are you running Cygwin on?  I'm no expert, but I have
> noticed that Cygwin apps run very slowly on Win95 and 98 compared to on NT 4
> (I think it may be some screwy difference in the Win9X terminals versus
> cmd.exe in NT 4... even running ls on 9X takes a lot longer just scrolling.)
> I run Cygwin on a Win98 system with a 650MHz processor and 256 Mb of RAM, and
> I also run it on an NT4 system with a 400MHz processor and 128 Mb of RAM, and
> _everything_ runs way, way slower on the 98 system.  Even compiling a hello
> world program takes about 45 seconds on it.  If you're on 95 or 98, I'd
> suggest giving a shot at NT and see what happens.

I am running on Windows 98. Unfortunately the program won't execute on
my friend's WinNT box nor on another friend's Win2000 box. (It says
"Error opening terminal: cygwin.") I managed to get at the W2000 box and
do some experiments, and it seems that the program actually does execute
up to the point where ncurses tries to take over the screen. As I have
linked statically, I don't think this can be due to missing dlls. The
ncurses docs seem to be standard, with no special tips for running under
Cygwin, so I am at a loss.

Ron House

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