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Re: Slowness of Cygwin

Ron House wrote:
> I have a large app., which has run successfully under both Linux and
> DJGPP. The Linux version uses ncurses, whilst the DJGPP version uses
> direct screen writes. I recompiled under Cygwin (it picked up the Linux
> branch and compiled flawlessly), but found that the app was extremely
> slow (2 or 3 times slower) than either of the others when writing to the
> screen. Any thoughts?

What version of Windows are you running Cygwin on?  I'm no expert, but I have 
noticed that Cygwin apps run very slowly on Win95 and 98 compared to on NT 4 
(I think it may be some screwy difference in the Win9X terminals versus 
cmd.exe in NT 4... even running ls on 9X takes a lot longer just scrolling.) 
I run Cygwin on a Win98 system with a 650MHz processor and 256 Mb of RAM, and 
I also run it on an NT4 system with a 400MHz processor and 128 Mb of RAM, and 
_everything_ runs way, way slower on the 98 system.  Even compiling a hello 
world program takes about 45 seconds on it.  If you're on 95 or 98, I'd 
suggest giving a shot at NT and see what happens.


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