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Re: Upper/lower case filenames.

At 01:01 AM 8/9/2001, Robert Collins wrote:
> > Files written under Linux or Windows in lower case that fit in 8.3 are
> > all taken as upper case by the Cygwin tools.
>And windows shows them as upper case in file manager/windows explorer?
> > > In fact you haven't provided enough detail for a cygwin developer (me)
> > > to say that you are discussing a design choice, and not a implementation
> > > choice of yours!
> > 
> > I am not sure what implementation choices I have. The only question I
> > was aked was whether to use DOS or Unix text files, and I selected DOS,
> > as the crlf's are fixed by the way I send files from Linux to Windoze. 
>Your other software is what I was referring to - which you've now
>described - thanks.
>I can't guess why cygwin is showing different from windows - it uses
>windows calls to get the filenames. You may need to pick an example file
>and use strace to see if any hints turn out. First off though, I'd
>double check that *windows* - not thinks the file
>really is lower case.

I may be wrong about this but doesn't Linux have a mount option that
treats all FAT/VFAT file names as lower case (sorry I'm not at a Linux
machine where I can check the man page right now)?  Are you sure you 
don't have this set?  

Also, there is a setting that allows one to view the files without case 
as all uppercase or with a capital letter first followed by lower case.
The latter is the default.  Can't find that setting at the moment either!
I only mention it so that one isn't duped into thinking the case of a 
file has yet a third variant under Explorer.

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