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Re: Problems building Xemacs-21.5--i686-pc-Cygwin: PART III :=(D

At 8/9/01 04:41 AM (Thursday), David Starks-Browning wrote:
>On Wednesday 8 Aug 01, Charles Wilson writes:
> > David A. Cobb wrote:
> >
> > > /usr/bin/gcc -mcygwin --verbose ...
> >
> > This is good.
>Charles, what does '-mcygwin' do?  This is one discrepency that David
>and I have on our gcc command lines.  Mine does not include -mcygwin,
>and mine works.  (Sorry if that's a stupid question...)

It's in my env "CC=/usr/bin/gcc -mcygwin" -- I suppose it /is/ redundant, 
but in a "" environment I have "CC=C:/#CYGWIN#/usr/bin/gcc.exe 
-mno-cygwin".  I will try without it.  Also trying '--extra-verbose' on the 
configure.  And still no clue about disarming the sound problem!

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