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Ripping my hair out over adding a user

Corinna -

I have been struggling for a couple of days (on and off) trying to add a
user or even change a password for any account.  I am running Windows 2000,
and am using cygwin 1.3.2.  I have tried using mkpasswd -l > /etc/passwd,
manually editing the passwd file, waving chicken bones and doing a little
dance, etc.  I also have KDE and sshd running.  All I would like to do is
figure out what Cygwin thinks my password is for any of the accounts.  I
have also tried using "crypt" and inserting the crypted password in
/etc/passwd.  Every time I add a new user to /etc/passwd, and try to change
that new users password, Cygwin repeatedly comes back with "user xxxx
unknown."  I just want to have a valid account in which to scp or ssh with.
What is going on here?  I am also using CYGWIN=ntsec.  What should I do?  I
love Cygwin, but I am completely frustrated trying to get this to work.  Why
is it so difficult to add a user account?  I have plowed through the message
archives, and nothing seems to solve my problem.  Don't other users
experience the same problem?  argh... Any assistance would be greatly
appreciated.  Thanks!!!!

Shawn Carpenter

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