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Re: Using CygIPC

Kiran C wrote:

> Hi,
>     When I create a message queue using msgget and the don't close it.
> Some times later when I use the msget  function it gets stuck.

That's odd.

>    Is it that I should close the message queue every time the use it.

Could be.

> Does CygIPC have some error handling functionalities..

Not really.

> Say The IPC Service gets stuck when a pgm using message queues crashes..(for
> then the messages queues are not closed)

I dunno how you would solve this problem. (write programs that don't crash?)

I host cygIPC at my website, cygutils.  I'll apply well-tested patches 
to it.  However, I didn't write the code; I've never really studied the 
GUTs of it -- and have no interest in doing so at this point.  (My 
hacking as mainly been around the edges, for usability and stuff).

Basically, further development of cygIPC itself is a dead end, and I 
don't want to waste much of my time on a dead end.  However, if somebody 
"out there" finds, debugs, and fixes any problems -- then I'll 
gratefully accept patches.  Caveat: IPC *client* code that follows 
published IPC interfaces (msgset, semget, etc) should be fairly portable 
among different IPC service implementations -- so developing IPC client 
apps on cygwin is NOT a dead end (see below).

Due to licensing issues outside my control, cygIPC cannot be included 
into the main cygwin distribution.  HOWEVER, it is possible that IPC 
functions MAY be added to the main cygwin, thus replacing cygIPC (that's 
why I consider cygIPC to be a dead end). Note: because of those pesky 
licensing issues, if you look at or study the cygIPC code, then you 
cannot participate in the process of adding IPC to cygwin itself. 
That's why I can't help add IPC to cygwin.


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