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I'm new to this mailing-list, so please excuse if I ask questions that
aren't that new to you.
I tried to search the archives concerning pwd-problems, and found that there
have already been some discussions concerning the paths pwd (or /bin/pwd) is

I'm having the problem, that pwd always returns the path where you typed in
your last command.
This breaks a few makefiles if they are located in subdirectories, since
they use "$(shell pwd)" to get their "TOPDIR".
And since pwd doesn't return the path the makefile is in, but rather the
path you typed "make -C subdir" in, they don't get their "TOPDIR" right.

First I thought that this was a problem only concerning "make", but some
tests prooved that this seems to be a general problem with "pwd".

If you have a short shell-script


saved as /tmp/print_pwd, and then go to your root dir and type


the output of print_pwd will be


and not


as I would expect.

Please correct me, but I don't think that this is the expected behaviour of
Right now I'm using the snaptshot of Aug.7th 2001 on Win98, but this "bug"
(feature?) was already present in the snapshots before.

If I'm wrong about this, please could you point out ANY way that I can get
pwd to print the "current" directory, since I tried already numerous
versions (cd tmp && pwd ....) and they all deliver the same result!

Best regards,
Peter Feldbaumer
-- - Software Engineering & System Solutions
Goestingerstraße 72, 8051 Graz, Austria
Tel.: +43/316/584530 - Fax.: +43/316/584930 -

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