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Re: using GCC with Tcl/Tk

Ok, will give it a shot...

On 7 Aug 2001, at 13:54, the Illustrious Albert Schoute wrote:

> Dear Reader,
> I have downloaded and installed cygwin-1.3.2 and can run gcc on Windows
> 2000 without any problem. I am porting an application that uses Tcl/Tk.
> The include- file tk.h, however, tries to include X11/Xlib.h which does
> not exist. How can I resolve this problem?

	You might want to get the latest binary release of Tcl/Tk for Windows 
systems.  I believe that is v8.3 (last stable).  A google search pulls 
the following URL for tcl/tk official:  I 
do believe it is still considered Open Source since there is also a 
reference to it at

	Hope this helps.

		Paul G.

> I would appreciate it very much if you can help me,
> Albert Schoute.
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