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strange ps behavior

Ok, I have 2 systems that are very similar in setup.  However, one is a
PDC and the other is a member server.

The strangeness is that a ps -efW does not give the same output on both.
On the PDC I get the expected output, but not on any member server.
On both servers I am logged into the host via sshd under cygrunsrv as the
local root account (on the PDC this of course means I am the Domain root).

Note: root = Administrator

It appears that the member servers are ignoring the -W option since all I get
is the cygwin processes.

$CYGWIN = "binmode tty ntsec"

Didn't want to spew a full cygcheck output here unless needed, so if anyone
has an idea, let me know.  If you need more info, let me know and I will
provide it.

Prentis Brooks	| | 703-265-0914 | AIM: PrentisB
System Administrator - Web Infrastructure & Security

       A knight is sworn to valor.  His heart knows only virtue.  His blade
       defends the helpless.  His word speaks only truth.  His wrath undoes the
       wicked. - the old code of Bowen, last of the dragonslayers

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