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Re: What changes does cygwin bring to the Windows NT 4.0 OS?

At 10:01 AM 8/6/2001, wrote:
>   I am experiencing some problems on my Windows NT system.  I do not believe that Cygwin is the culprit.  However, I do need to get a confirmation from the community.
>   What changes does Cygwin bring to a Windows NT 4.0 system?  More particularly, I want to know if there is any Cygwin code that runs when I boot up my Windows NT
>machine, login and start say MS Word.  I believe that no Cygwin code adds itself to the startup and login sequence.  In other words, if I reboot my machine and do not
>explicitly call any Cygwin executable, it is as if Cygwin was never installed (except for the HD space taken).
>   Does Cygwin changes/adds something in the registry?  What about environment variables?  What does Cygwin do when it installs the software?  Its sets up directories with
>the executable, but what more?

Unless you are running some service (like sshd), no Cygwin program starts
with Windows boot.  Unless you took steps to enable such a service, you
won't have one running.  By default, no Cygwin program starts with boot
or login.  You have to start Cygwin's shell through the BAT file or run
some program explicitly from cmd.exe.  Entries in the registry are benign
and ignored by everything but Cygwin.  If you're curious, run cygcheck -s
-r -v to see Cygwin's setup, including registry entries and environment

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