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Re: Cygwin version 1.3.2

On Mon, Aug 06, 2001 at 01:29:01PM +0200, Kern Sibbald wrote:
> Hello,
> Thank you for your response as well as the one from
> Corinna Vinschen.
> I realize that there are probably no "standards" on
> this which is why I put it in quotes. However,
> there is a pretty well defined usage.
> Concerning the _98-4.10 and the NT issue: all different
> flavors of Linux regardless of whether they are running 
> on an Intel, an s390, or ... print Linux for the
> Operating System Name (field one).  Here is what is printed
> by various OSes for "uname -s":
>   SunOS
>   OSF1
>   AIX
>   HP-UX
>   Linux
>   FreeBSD
>   NetBSD
>   OpenBSD
>   BSD/OS
>   SGI
>   CYGWIN_98-4.10
> It seems pretty clear which one is different from the rest.
> The same can be said about the "uname -r".
> Both the additions that you have made to the Operating System Name
> (field one), and to the Operating System Release (field three)
> would probably be better included in the Operating System Version 
> (begins in field four).
> No, this is not very pressing or urgent, just a detail
> with no large communtity impact. If it were my code,
> I would classify it as a bug or a nonconfirmity rather 
> than a feature.

Did you look into the config.guess file as I suggested?
It's not only Cygwin which has different contents in these
fields. Nevertheless config.guess finds that a host is
running Cygwin reliably ... just look into the script.

> than a feature. I'd be happy to supply a patch and some 
> money (not lots), but I suspect the former wouldn't be 
> excepted.

Sounds as if you didn't take that as a joke. It was.


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