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Re: Rsync: found the problem

Is it a bug or a feature?

Internally cygwin uses a flag OLD_O_NDELAY with the value 0x0004. This
is used for backward compatibility (according to the comment). There is
code to check that if either the OLD_O_NDELAY flag is set or if O_NDELAY
(0x4000) is set they both get set.

So when rsync does a GETFL it does the 'normal':- val &= ~NONBLOCK_FLAG
to set to blocking. Unfortunately the OLD_O_NDELAY bit is still set so
the when the SETFL is called is sets the O_FNDELAY bit as well.
Obviously this means that once a socket is set to non-blocking mode it
cannot be reset using this method. Note that the OLD_O_NDELAY is not
defined in the installed header files, only internally to cygwin.

I think that it is not possible to run old executables with newer DLLs,
so may be the OLD_O_NDELAY flag can be removed.

I added this patch to rsync.h

> #ifdef __CYGWIN32__
> #define OLD_O_NDELAY 0x0004
> #else
> #endif

This fixes the problem for rsync.


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