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Re: Can't kill other users processes

On Mon, 6 Aug 2001, egor duda wrote:

> Hi!
> Monday, 06 August, 2001 wrote:
> Hhd> Even if I am loged on as root (administrator) I can't kill other
> Hhd> users processes.
> Hhd> Kill always complains: Not owner!
> this is by design. if some user was able to kill other user's
> processes it would be serious breach in security. Unices don't allow
> this too.

hrmmm. except on Unix the root user can kill anything, this is a good point.
And, I am able to kill other user's pids, as long as I am root, haven't tested
domain admin, but local root (Administrator) can nuke other pids.

I have my CYGWIN var setup with "binmode ntsec tty"
	Can you respond with the output of a cygcheck -s?

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