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Re: Timezones

On Fri, 3 Aug 2001 14:07:31 +0200 , wrote:
> Hi there!
> I 've installed Cygwin on several machines now.
> On one machine (NT4) Cygwin uses my local time on the next (W2K) I get
> always GMT.
> Did I miss a configuration option during installation??
> How can I convince Cygwin to use always my local time instead of GMT???

You can set the TZ env variable (export TZ=CET-1CED) this will make
your local time Central European with automatic daylight saving time.

If you have access to Linux (or some other UNICes with zic program), you
can compile a tzfile there and then copy it to your Cygwin's
/usr/local/etc/zoneinfo/localtime (read the zic man page).

I compiled zic and tzdump and it works fine in Cygwin too. I'll do my 
best to contribute the timezone package in the next weeks.


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