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Re: pthread_create and priorities

On 02 Aug 2001 14:49:28 -0400, Timothy Gee wrote:
> I have looked through the achieves and haven't seen this addressed.
> I want to start up a pthread with a given priority. The documentation seems
> clear enough, however, the code I wrote doesn't work. The thread always
> starts with a default priority. I can use a similar procedure within the
> thread to adjust priority and that works. What have I overlooked? I am
> running DLL 1.3.2 on Win NT (Patch 5.0, I believe).
Quoting from the HEAD file:

In pthread::create:
     /* FIXME: set the priority appropriately for system contention
scope */
     if (attr.inheritsched == PTHREAD_EXPLICIT_SCHED)
         /* FIXME: set the scheduling settings for the new thread */
         /* sched_thread_setparam (win32_obj_id, attr.schedparam); */
     ResumeThread (win32_obj_id);

So the answer is: It's not implemented yet :-/.

given the code to do it is present, but commented, I'd suggest I
encountered a bug with it, and disabled it for reliability -
unfortunately I don't recall what issue I did have.


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