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Re: Problems building Xemacs/i686-pc-cygwin

At 8/2/01 09:17 AM (Thursday), Dr. Volker Zell wrote:
> >>>>> "David" == David A Cobb <> writes:
>     David> linuxplay.o: In function `play_sound_file':
>     David> /usr/local/src/XEmacs/xemacs-21.5/src/linuxplay.c(.text+0x1108):
>     David> multiple definition of `play_sound_file'
>     David> 
> ntplay.o(.text+0x418):/usr/local/src/XEmacs/xemacs-21.5/src/ntplay.c:
>     David> first defined here
>For this one you have to take out linuxplay.o from the link line. Linking 
>is broken
>since cygwin has sound support. The configure script detects 
>and thinks we're on linux.

I was afraid of that.  Another case where the configuration tools outsmart 
themselves by trying to be smarter than the user!  I explicitly tell it 
and it still goes looking for something that doesn't work.

How do I do this, should I rename soundcard.h so it isn't found?
I guess I need to hid my X11R6 directory also -- altho' David S-B says he 
also gets the error about not being able to find X11R6.dll and it didn't 
hurt him.

>Otherwise for me xemacs links fine with all of the latest cygwin packes 
>installed (Note that I'm using
>Xemacs for cygwin native and also included ldap support)
>gcc -g -O3 -Wall -Wno-switch -Winline -Wmissing-prototypes -Wshadow 
>-Wsign-compare -Wpointer-arith  -Xlinker -s -mwindows -L/
>usr/X11R6/lib -Wl,-export-dynamic -o temacs  abbrev.o alloc.o blocktype.o 
>buffer.o bytecode.o callint.o callproc.o casefiddle
>.o casetab.o chartab.o cmdloop.o cmds.o console.o console-stream.o data.o 
>device.o dired.o doc.o doprnt.o dynarr.o editfns.o
>elhash.o emacs.o eval.o events.o filelock.o ntplay.o unexcw.o 
>balloon_help.o balloon-x.o eldap.o postgresql.o dgif_lib.o gif_
>io.o menubar.o scrollbar.o dialog.o toolbar.o menubar-x.o scrollbar-x.o 
>dialog-x.o toolbar-x.o gui-x.o mule.o mule-ccl.o mule
>-charset.o file-coding.o input-method-xlib.o realpath.o getloadavg.o 
>inline.o miscplay.o console-tty.o device-tty.o event-tty
>.o frame-tty.o objects-tty.o redisplay-tty.o cm.o terminfo.o 
>event-unixoid.o database.o sysdll.o emodules.o process-unix.o ev
>ent-stream.o extents.o faces.o fileio.o  filemode.o floatfns.o fns.o 
>font-lock.o frame.o general.o glyphs.o glyphs-eimage.o g
>lyphs-widget.o gui.o gutter.o  hash.o imgproc.o indent.o insdel.o intl.o 
>keymap.o  line-number.o lread.o lstream.o macros.o m
>arker.o md5.o minibuf.o objects.o opaque.o print.o process.o profile.o 
>rangetab.o redisplay.o redisplay-output.o regex.o sear
>ch.o select.o sheap.o signal.o sound.o specifier.o strftime.o symbols.o 
>syntax.o sysdep.o undo.o console-x.o device-x.o event
>-Xt.o frame-x.o glyphs-x.o objects-x.o redisplay-x.o select-x.o xgccache.o 
>widget.o window.o win32.o xemacs_res.o lastfile.o
>gmalloc.o vm-limit.o  EmacsFrame.o EmacsShell.o TopLevelEmacsShell.o 
>TransientEmacsShell.o EmacsManager.o    ../lwlib/liblw.a
>   -lipc -lXm -ltiff -lpng -ljpeg -lz -lcompface -lXpm -lXmu -lXt -lXext 
> -lX11 -lSM -lICE -ldb -lgdbm -lncurses -lintl -lpq -l
>ldap -llber -L/usr/lib -lssl -lcrypto -lwinmm
>   Volker

David A. Cobb, Software Engineer, Public Access Advocate, All around nice guy.
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