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Re: Problems building Xemacs/i686-pc-cygwin

At 8/2/01 07:01 AM (Thursday), David Starks-Browning wrote:
>On Wednesday 1 Aug 01, David A. Cobb writes:
> > Lieber Cygwin:
> >
> > I'm dropping the middle of a conversation from xemacs-beta here because 
> the
> > problem seems to originate in one of the cygwin applications.
> > I've been trying to build the current beta of xemacs-21.5 and having no 
> joy
> > at all.
> > Configure works fine, the "make" fails.
> > ld is looking for several symbols "_imp__dbm_????????;" these are defined
> > in "/bin/libgdbm.dll.a" and referenced from 
> "<xemacs-build-dir>/database.o"
> > -- the latter being customized from configure.
> >
> > It would appear that the configuration tools don't know to look for the
> > ".dll.a" file; indeed, I didn't notice it among the many appendages to the
> > link library list.
> >
> > [ snip ]
> >
> > ../configure i686-pc-cygwin --prefix=/usr/local/ \
> >   --exec-prefix=/usr/local/i686-pc-cygwin/ \
> >   --libdir=/usr/local/lib/ \
> >   --without-x \
> >   --with-site-lisp \
> >   --with-database=gdbm \
> >   --with-sound=native,noesd \
> >   --use-union-type && \
> > make && \
> > make install
>You don't show the exact gcc (or ld? or xemacs?) command that
>generates the errors.  You may have supplied it to the xemacs-beta
>list originally, but it's missing in this message to the cygwin list.
>If supplied, I could compare it to the one in my successful
>xemacs-21.5 build.
>Plain "configure" (without any package options) + "make" works fine
>for me.  ("make install" fails, but that's an xemacs packaging
>problem, not a Cygwin problem.)
>For reference, my configure log contains:
> > checking for database support
> > checking for ndbm.h... yes
> > checking for dbm_open in -lgdbm... yes
> >     Prepending "-lgdbm" to $LIBS
> >     Defining HAVE_DBM
> > checking for Berkeley db.h... no
> >     Defining HAVE_DATABASE
> >     xemacs will be linked with "database.o"
>Hope this helps.


Here's the clip of the last command(s) processed:

/usr/bin/gcc -mcygwin -g -O3 -Wall -Wno-switch -Winline 
-Wmissing-prototypes -Wshadow -Wsign-compare 
-Wpointer-arith   -mwindows   -o temacs  abbrev.o alloc.o blocktype.o 
buffer.o bytecode.o callint.o callproc.o casefiddle.o casetab.o chartab.o 
cmdloop.o cmds.o console.o console-stream.o data.o device.o dired.o doc.o 
doprnt.o dynarr.o editfns.o elhash.o emacs.o eval.o events.o debug.o 
tests.o filelock.o ntplay.o unexcw.o scrollbar-msw.o menubar-msw.o 
toolbar-msw.o dialog-msw.o console-msw.o device-msw.o event-msw.o 
frame-msw.o objects-msw.o select-msw.o redisplay-msw.o glyphs-msw.o 
gui-msw.o postgresql.o dgif_lib.o gif_io.o menubar.o scrollbar.o dialog.o 
toolbar.o file-coding.o realpath.o getloadavg.o inline.o linuxplay.o 
miscplay.o console-tty.o device-tty.o event-tty.o frame-tty.o objects-tty.o 
redisplay-tty.o cm.o terminfo.o event-unixoid.o database.o process-unix.o 
event-stream.o extents.o faces.o fileio.o  filemode.o floatfns.o fns.o 
font-lock.o frame.o general.o glyphs.o glyphs-eimage.o glyphs-widget.o 
gui.o gutter.o  hash.o imgproc.o indent.o insdel.o intl.o 
keymap.o  line-number.o lread.o lstream.o macros.o marker.o md5.o minibuf.o 
objects.o opaque.o print.o process.o profile.o rangetab.o redisplay.o 
redisplay-output.o regex.o search.o select.o sheap.o signal.o sound.o 
specifier.o strftime.o symbols.o syntax.o sysdep.o undo.o  widget.o 
window.o win32.o xemacs_res.o lastfile.o gmalloc.o free-hook.o 
vm-limit.o      -ltiff -lpng -ljpeg -lz -lgdbm -lncurses -lpq -lwinmm 
-lshell32 -lgdi32 -luser32 -lcomdlg32 -lcomctl32 -lwinspool
linuxplay.o: In function `play_sound_file':
/usr/local/src/XEmacs/xemacs-21.5/src/linuxplay.c(.text+0x1108): multiple 
definition of `play_sound_file'
ntplay.o(.text+0x418):/usr/local/src/XEmacs/xemacs-21.5/src/ntplay.c: first 
defined here
linuxplay.o: In function `play_sound_data':
/usr/local/src/XEmacs/xemacs-21.5/src/linuxplay.c(.text+0x116c): multiple 
definition of `play_sound_data'
ntplay.o(.text+0x588):/usr/local/src/XEmacs/xemacs-21.5/src/ntplay.c: first 
defined here
warning: cannot find entry symbol _WinMainCRTStartup; defaulting to 00401000
database.o: In function `Fopen_database':
/usr/local/src/XEmacs/xemacs-21.5/src/database.c:627: undefined reference 
to `_imp__dbm_open'
database.o: In function `dbm_map':
/usr/local/src/XEmacs/xemacs-21.5/src/database.c:265: undefined reference 
to `_imp__dbm_firstkey'
/usr/local/src/XEmacs/xemacs-21.5/src/database.c:269: undefined reference 
to `_imp__dbm_fetch'
/usr/local/src/XEmacs/xemacs-21.5/src/database.c:267: undefined reference 
to `_imp__dbm_nextkey'
database.o: In function `dbm_get':
/usr/local/src/XEmacs/xemacs-21.5/src/database.c:283: undefined reference 
to `_imp__dbm_fetch'
database.o: In function `dbm_put':
/usr/local/src/XEmacs/xemacs-21.5/src/database.c:301: undefined reference 
to `_imp__dbm_store'
database.o: In function `dbm_remove':
/usr/local/src/XEmacs/xemacs-21.5/src/database.c:313: undefined reference 
to `_imp__dbm_delete'
database.o: In function `dbm_closeit':
/usr/local/src/XEmacs/xemacs-21.5/src/database.c:339: undefined reference 
to `_imp__dbm_close'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[1]: *** [temacs] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory 
make: *** [src] Error 2

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