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1.3.2: I get a GPF everytime I run SETUP.EXE

Every time I run setup.exe on my system, it crashes with a General
Protection Fault (although it won't bring the entire system down).  I
have downloaded it about five times, I have searched the Web, the
archives of this mailling list, and the Dejanews USENET archive for the
same or similar problems, etc.  Nothing.

I am running the Spanish Edition of Windows 95 OSR/2. I would help you
by providing you more debug info, but this is the most I could possibly
get on resolving the problem.  With no C/C++ compiler for Windows, I
could hardly even begin to find any more info on why the crash.

Could you please give tell me more about how to manually perform the
installation procedure?  The system in question is a dual dual boot
between Linux and Windows, so I won't have the chicken and egg problem.
It would just be a matter of  uncompressing the files under Linux (into
my vfat mounted partition) before I boot into Windows to do everything

Thank you.

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