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OpenGL problem


    Thanks for the response to my openGL problem.  I tried to link the 
libraries as per the readme document.  I used:

g++ -lglut32 -lglu32 -lopengl32 program.c

Unfortunately I got the same error messages (stating that there undefined 
references to glBegin etc).  I am probabally making some other mistake.  I 
would appreciate more advice in this matter.  I am attaching the earlier 
messages below for convenience.

By the way, I have another minor problem:  I tried setting the cygwin window 
size to fill the screen and now can't seem to go back.  Is there a command 
for this?

Many thanks!

p.s.  I am using a PC running Windows ME 


    I just installed cygwin and am having a problem with openGL code.  The 
libraries gl.h and glut.h are being found ok, but I still get "undefined 
reference" errors for basic open gl commands (such as glBegin and glEnd).  
Typical error messages are:

  /cygdrive/c/WINDOWS/TEMP/ccErOYTE.o(.text+0x35d):sqr.c: undefined reference 
to 'glBegin'

/usr/libcygwin.a(libmain.o)(.text+0x6a):libmain.c: undefined reference to 

When I type 'echo $PATH" I find:

Is my path ok?  After running setup I didn't do anything else (I got the 
impression I didn't need to do anything else as everything was running; I 
even got the hello world program to run) and I'm wondering if I need to set 
up the path or my profile etc.

Hope somebody can help fix this problem,

Many thanks in advance!


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