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problem with CygWin install on Win ME system using setup

I just tried to DL and install a brand-new CygWin installation on a Win ME
system.  Since the system where the install is to take place only has
a modem 33.6K dial-up connection, I used another workstation connection (T1)
to download all of the packages to a CD.  I then tried to use this
CD to install.  The short story: when I try to run setup.exe (version, it returns a message saying "Nothing to Install/Update".  If I
proceed by clicking next, everything seems to complete OK and there are new
directories, but there are no files in any of the new directories.

I used the following options via setup.exe:
1. download from internet -- on my work machine (a WinNT system); this got
me all of those directories and archives in the "latest" and "contrib"
directories, inclusive, which I stored on a CD as is.
2. install from local directory -- on my WinME system; this is where my
problem occurs

Here's my directory structure:

C:\Temp\cygwin  -- location of setup.exe
C:\Temp\cygwin\latest\...   top-level directory of structure downloaded,
contains many directories, each with an archive file or two inside.
C:\Temp\cygwin\contrib\...  top-level directory of more downloaded packages,
again many folders with archive files inside

Setup.exe invocation parameters used:

When specifying my source directories, I've tried specifying the following,
with no apparent difference between them:
1. C:\Temp\cygwin (this is the default directory that shows up in the setup
2. C:\Temp\cygwin\latest
3. C:\Temp\cygwin\latest\bash

I've also tried copying archives into the same folder as the setup.exe, with
no apparent effect.

I take the default for all other setup.exe parameters: install root
directory = C:/cygwin, default text file type = Unix, Install for = All

Prior to each install attempt, I remove the WinME registry entries for
SOFTWARE > Cygnus Solutions.  I also make sure c:\cygwin is not in my
system's PATH statement.

What am I doing wrong?  Any assistance is appreciated.

Lyle P. Blosser

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