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cygrunsrv and .bat files??

Hi, I'm attempting to turn a 2 line batch file of mine into a service on 

The batch file runs as expected stand-alone.

I can daemonize it using FireDaemon, and it works as expected.  (I'd like to 
ultimately not use FireDaemon due to licencing reasons, however.)

Apparently it installs as a service using "cygrunsrv -I SomeService -p 
c:\path\to\app\file.bat", but when I try to start it it pauses for several 
seconds then dies with "error 1062: can't start service".  This is using 
both "cygrunsrv -S SomeService" and "net start SomeService". A reboot made 
no difference.

I thought maybe it was a path problem, so I copied cygrunsrv.exe and 
cygwin1.dll into the same directory as the batch file, and tried it from 
there.  I also copied the batch file into the / of my Cygwin installation, 
and ran cygrunsrv from the /bin folder.  No difference either way.

Also, I don't think the readme mentioned an option for setting "interact 
with desktop".  Is there one?? (doesn't affect me, I tried enabling that 
manually with the created service, didn't help)

Is cygrunsrv capable of handling batch files or is it only capable of 
handling executables??

If this won't work (rather than I've screwed it up ;), are there other free 
{beer|speech} srvany replacements for NT and 2000 out there??


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