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Question about line wrapping and ssh

Having a little bit of a headache with Cygwin and line wrapping when ssh'd 
to another system.  I normally use SecureCRT for ssh because of this 
problem but I figured I'd ask the group.

I'm using the most current version of Cygwin on a Win2K Pro 
laptop.  Recently updated my setup.exe and I usually do updates weekly so 
its pretty current.

What's happening is when I view or vi a file on a remote UNIX system 
through OpenSSH in Cygwin, the line wrapping is messed up.  Through 
SecureCRT, a line needing to be wrapped will break at say column 80 and the 
remaining text will be immediately beneath the first part of the line.  A $ 
command in view/vi works as it should.  Nothing weird.

In OpenSSH under Cygwin, the line will break at column 80.  Instead of 
characters 81 through whatever showing up immediately on the next line of 
the screen, there is a blank line.  Then character 81 through whatever show 
up on the 2nd line.  A $ command in view/vi attempts to work correctly.  It 
will goto the same position on the screen as it does through SecureCRT but 
the cursor is on a blank line.  The text it should be on top of is beneath it.

Something like this:

123456789123456789123456789abcdefg<break point>

OpenSSH in Cygwin:
123456789123456789123456789abcdefg<break point>
<what shows up as a blank line on the screen>

My stty settings on the remote system looks just fine.  Compared to the 
stty setting of the SecureCRT window of the exact same size, they are 

Any ideas ???  Does this have something to do with the CYGWIN variable?  My 
CYGWIN variable is:

CYGWIN=ntsec tty

I even set my CYGWIN32 variable to:

CYWGIN32=title tty

Didn't help.  Wasn't sure if this had something to do with OpenSSH or 
Cygwin but I though I'd start here first.  Any thoughts appreciated.

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Sean O'Neill

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