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Re: Licensing terms

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> On Wed, Aug 01, 2001 at 08:52:31AM -0400, Clark, Matthew C (FL51) wrote:
> Basically you'll have to release the sources of applications linked
> against Cygwin. Except when
> - you never release the application since you're using it only
>   internally in your office or so. That's the trivial case.
> - you purchase a special Cygwin license from Red Hat. For a
>   one time fee per project you may distribute also proprietary
>   software linked against Cygwin.
>   Visit for more
>   information.

The key here is that this is not a gcc thing -- it's a cygwin thing. 
"sources of applications *linked against Cygwin*"

This does not mean "merely built using cygwin tools" -- however, the 
cygwin tools (gcc) default to linking against Cygwin.  To build apps 
that are not thusly linked, you have to use 'gcc -mno-cygwin" -- but 
then you lose the POSIX emulation that Cygwin provides, and you can 
really only build code that has been ported to "pure" native Windows.

For the "why" behind all this, see the links provided in other messages 
in this thread.


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