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"Illegal User" when logging into sshd

Here is the scenario:

Running sshd out of cygrunsrv as system.  sshd operating fine, performing
both password and rsa authentication for any domain admin account that I add
to /etc/passwd.  I need to allow rsa authentication for a single non-domain
admin account onto my member servers.  The problem is that regardless of the
authentication method, sshd reports a failed attempt for "illegal user foo".

I have tried foo@host, domain\\foo@host, and even tried adding the user to the
local Adminstrators group to see if I had a perm issue.  The domain account
was added to /etc/passwd in the following manner:

mkpasswd -d | grep foo >>/etc/passwd
and the home directory was created and chowned to that user, still no dice.

I have searched the archive and the only reference I can find is where someone
had the same problem with the Administrator account, but no answer to their

any ideas?

Prentis Brooks	| | 703-265-0914 | AIM: PrentisB
System Administrator - Web Infrastructure & Security

       A knight is sworn to valor.  His heart knows only virtue.  His blade
       defends the helpless.  His word speaks only truth.  His wrath undoes the
       wicked. - the old code of Bowen, last of the dragonslayers

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