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>>>>> "Bernard" == Bernard Dautrevaux <> writes:

    Bernard> Or as the installer user interface is tcl/tk-based, you
    Bernard> can look at FreeWrap
    Bernard> ( Its
    Bernard> neat and works quite well; moreover the tcl/tk installer
    Bernard> in this case do not NEED cygwin, so can unpack the basic
    Bernard> bootstrap environment without any problem).

Yes, I guess this would work as well.  However, the main reason I
didn't want eliminate the Cygwin DLL was that I wanted to use ash to
run the RPM package post-install/pre-uninstall scripts with it.  I
guess I could find a Win32 Bourne-compatible shell that didn't require
Cygwin to replace ash, but that would still leave me looking for
Win32-only ports of the other utilities that might be required by the
scripts (e.g. awk, sed, cut, paste etc.)

In the end, it just seemed simpler that, rather than trying to avoid
including Cygwin in the installer (and miss out on all that
functionality), I should instead find a way to use cygwin1.dll and
avoid the pitfalls instead.  I decided on a two-stage install process;
the first stage would check for a duplicate cygwin1.dll loaded in
memory (and abort with a message if one was found), and the second
stage would be the actual Tcl/Tk installer.

Dario Alcocer -- Sr. Software Developer, Helix Digital Inc. --

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