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Re: Execute "strace" on an executable in GNU make?

On Mon, Apr 30, 2001 at 04:39:21PM -0700, Karr, David wrote:
>I'm getting an unexplainable error (Invalid Argument) when I run a
>particular executable, but only when I run it from "make".  The executable
>is not a cygwin executable.  It runs fine when I run it from Bash or DOS,
>just not from within Make.  I've tried changing the call from "<program>" to
>"cmd /c <program>" and "/bin/sh.exe -c <program>", but both of those fail.
>I tried putting a print statement at the top of "main" (It's a C program),
>but it doesn't get there when it fails.
>Will running the executable from the Makefile with "strace" help me?  I'm
>trying to figure out how to do this, but no matter what I specify with
>"strace", I only get a zero length output file.  Other people here with
>similar environments don't get this symptom.

strace only works on programs which use the cygwin DLL.  IIRC, the
program that you are attempting to execute is not a cygwin program.


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