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Re: problem (?) with stl-headers and -mno-cygwin

Perhaps would
give a clue?


Andreas Ames wrote:
> hi,
> i just have the problem that with cygwin-1.3.1 gcc doesn't find
> stl-headers like iostream when compiling with flag -mno-cygwin; it
> does find the header when the flag is omitted.  The mingw-compile
> works when i set an additional include path with /usr/include/g++-3.
> I'm not sure if this behaviour is intended or a bug (i'm quite new to
> cygwin and mingw).  I just built a i386-mingw32msvc cross compiler on
> a linux host and the problem didn't appear there with the cross mingw.
> offtopic: i used the shell script from to make
> the crossgcc tools.  it also works with the newest w32-api from
> with a minor bug (one patch to windows.h fails
> but can easily be applied manually).  i would recommend this tool.
> thanks for the good work.  I#m very happy to finally have a usable and
> decent commandline on w2k.
> cu
> andreas
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