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Re: sshd on win2k [revisit]

Dmitrii Pasechnik wrote:
> On 30 Apr 2001, Harry Putnam wrote:
> >
> >Its been a while since I checked on the availability of packages that
> >installs sshd on a win2k.
> >
> >Is it still amatter of tinkering or is there a package out that just
> >installs it, and allows win2k to run a sshd daemon?
> >
> it is still quite far from automatic.
> As you know, there are two separate problems there:
> 1) giving  the right permissions to the users;
> 2) installing sshd as a service.
> Regarding 2), I saw at least one GPL-ed program that happily
> installs and manages itself as a service, etc, namely WinVNC
> (see
> It most probably could be used as a code sample to build
> such a thing for sshd.

Corinna's version of inetd also does this.  I (actually not me, but I
was an accessory to the crime) stole that code for ipc-daemon and now IT
does this too.  The problem, IIRC, is that Corinna is trying to keep the
OpenSSH code as close to the official version as possible -- thus, most
changes are submitted right back to the openSSH people for official

But the strange hacks necessary for windows service installation are
meeting with, err, resistance.  So, either we maintain an official but
external patch, or we just continue status quo.

Is that about right, Corinna?

> Could be a nice project for a student, or for someone with a knowledge of
> Win32 registry programming...


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